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Sri Radhe Rani Gokulam Project

Amma's Message


|| ō gāvōmē mātaras'sarvā,
gāvōmē pitara
s'sadā| gāvōmē ma māgratas'santu, gāvōmē santu, pr̥ṣṭhata gāvōmē pārśva tas'santu gavā
ndē vāsamyahyam|| ō
gōmātrē nama

Importance of Gau Dhana (Cow Donation)

• In Hindu Sanatan Dharma, it is believed that our ancestors get salvation when we donate a cow.
• It is a great virtue to those who donate to the building of gaushalas (cow ranch/shed) when we do not have the capacity and power to raise a mother cow ourselves.
• The glory of Gau Dhana is indescribable. The sins of many lifetimes are eliminated. Any negative doshas left behind by our ancestors are destroyed.
• Stealing is in itself is a great sin and stealing gold is a greater sin and can cause serious dosha to those hands, and which is very difficult to remove. However, this sin can be eliminated by Gau Dhana.
• Disrespecting and ill-treating our parents, our gurus, and our well-wishers is also a great sin and is equivalent to disrespecting Sri Shankar Bhagavan himself. This dosha is eliminated by donating a cow.
• Donating a cow is a great virtue which is equal to donating food to lakhs of people every day.

In India, it is traditional to circumambulate around Gau Mata every morning and offer salutations especially the tail which is the most auspicious part of the cow. Hindus believe that performing the circumambulation while chanting the 12 names of Gau Mata is equivalent to circumambulating around the entire Mother Earth.

1. Ōṁ śrī gō lakṣmēnamaḥ
2. Ōṁ śrī gō gāyatryainamaḥ
3. Ōṁ śrī gō sarasvatyainamaḥ
4. Ōṁ śrī gōmātrēnamaḥ
5. Ōṁ śrī gō bhavān’yainamaḥ
6. Ōṁ śrī gō durgāyainamaḥ
7. Ōṁ śrī gō gauryainamaḥ
8. Ōṁ śrī gō sāvitryaiNamaḥ
9. Ōṁ śrī gōlalitāmbikāyai namaḥ
10. Ōṁ śrī gō rādhēnamaḥ
11. Ōṁ śrī gō pārvatyainamaḥ
12. Ōṁ śrī gōbhuvanēśvaryai namaḥ

Chanting the 12 names every day, we are protected from any sins.

India faced a severe drought situation many yugas ago. Gods fulfilled the Maharishis wishes by sending “Surabhi” to Mother Earth as a gift. Kamadhenu is identified with Surabhi which is a divine bovine-goddess described in Hinduism as Gau Mata, the mother of all cows. Surabhi’s descendants are now our mother cows. Gau Mata, mother cow is incomparable to anyone or anything. According to the Vedas, “Govuki gove sati” which means a mother cow is equal to only a mother cow and nothing else.

The cow is described as the form of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi and Sri Maha Vishnu. Hindus worship Gau Mata. Parsis and worship ‘Nandi’.

• Goswamy Sri Tulsidas stated that the 4 purusharthas: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (economic values), Kama (pleasure), and Moksha (liberation) are the inherent values of the universe, embedded in the udder of a cow.
• Sant Sri Sahadev surprised everyone by bringing back life to a dead cow at the request of Delhi Badshah.
• Shivaji Maharaj earned the noble name of “Gau Pari Poshakudu” (Mother Cow Savior), with the blessings of Sri Samartha Ramdas.
• 10th Sikh Guru Sri Govind Singh Guru of Chandi di var, was blessed by Sri Durga Bhavani for his contribution towards mother cow.
• According to Jainism Aagamas (Jainism literature), gau mata must reside in heaven, and killing a divine gau mata is an unrighteous behavior and a sin.
• Sri Mahaveer said that it is purposeless to human life when we cannot protect our mother cows.
• According to Hazrat Muhammad – Mother Cow’s milk is a great elixir and cow ghee contains ‘nectar’. Brahmi cow ghee has the essential vitamins that reduce all diseases and most noteworthy is that eating cow meat leads to all kinds of chronic diseases.
• Lord Jesus believed that slaughtering a cow is equal to killing a human being.

• Gandhi stated that right to freedom is very important and protecting mother cows is most important.
• Sri Lokmanya Bala Gangadhar Tilak said, “I am very hopeful that the ban
on cow slaughter will be lifted with a single stroke of the pen; this can be achieved once India gets its freedom”.
• Baba Sri Rajendra Prasad ji said that protecting, cherishing and nourishing mother cow is Sanatana Dharma.
• Goswamy Sri Tulsidas stated that the 4 purusharthas: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (economic values), Kama (pleasure), and Moksha
(liberation) are the inherent values of the universe, embedded in the
udder of a cow.
It is thought that as long as humans see Gau Mata blood being shed on this earth, social and charitable activities will not be accomplished,
• Sri Bhai Hanuman Prasad Poddar said, ‘how can any country prosper and flourish, where the land is polluted with mother cow’s blood”.
• Sri Jaya Prakash Narayan said that cow slaughter should be banned everywhere on Mother Earth.

Though many people give the highest preference to gau mata and stand up against cow slaughter, thousands of cows are forcibly sent to slaughterhouses on a daily basis. Mother cow is considered very auspicious. Brahmi Cow’s milk contains great power of protection from atomic radiation. Houses having cow-dung-covered floors have complete protection from atomic radiation and atomic pollution. There is a strong network of protection around the entire house.

Drinking Brahmi cow’s milk will protect you against heart-related problems. The inherent qualities in this milk, stimulate the body with intellectual power. This is excellent for memory, focus and attention.

When organic cow ghee is offered into a homam, the fumes emanating from the homam have been observed by researchers to be clearly bacteriolethal in nature which eradicates bacteria and other micro-organisms. These are the root cause of illness and diseases. The fumes also lessen the effect of atomic radiation to a great extent and when breathed upon, they relieve you of physical ailments, sickness, and diseases.

When mango leaves and Brahmi cow ghee are burnt together, the fumes emanating from them reduce many mental ailments. Dr. King from Madras performed extensive research on cow dung and was amazed at the miraculous power it has. Many germs and bacteria do not survive in the Brahmi cow dung. Even the most dangerous ‘cholera’ bacteria was found not to survive a single moment when the cow dung is present.

Performing Rudra homam in a gaushala for patients with tuberculosis every day using 1 tola (11.66 grams) of Brahmi cow ghee will emanate 1 ton of oxygen through the fumes. When the patients breathe upon the fumes emanating from the homam, it helps clear the lungs and heart. Spending a few hours every day in the gaushala, will completely cure the disease.

A lot of research has been conducted by Russian scientists on cow products. They mentioned that earthquakes can also be caused by slaughterhouses. Mother Cow is the only living being that has a Surya Ketu Nadi (vein connected to the sun) passing through the backbone. Hence the cow’s milk has a golden hue. This is because Surya Ketu Nadi, upon interacting with solar rays produces gold salts in the blood. These salts are present in the cow’s milk and other bodily fluids which miraculously cures many diseases. Ancient scriptures state that the “Suryaketu” nerve on the cow’s back absorbs harmful radiations and cleanses the atmosphere.

Homams are generally performed with Brahmi cow ghee and rice pongal. A Sri Chandi homam is performed with over 3500 kgs of ghee, rice, and jaggery. Scientists have conducted research to determine the reason for performing the homam in this specific way and why only specific items are offered into the homam. It was found that certain powerful gases were produced during this ritual referred to as “life protection” elixirs. These gases are:

I. Ethylene oxide
II. Propylene oxide

Hence, Sri Chandi homam is performed on the full moon every month. Propylene oxide has another property which is creating artificial rains. Hence, it usually rains during or after homams. The characteristics of mother cow are many and the goodness yielded is immeasurable and countless. It is important that this great gift is not misused by all mankind.

Protecting Mother Cow with 3 crores (330 Million) of Gods embedded within

• The Delhi Supreme Court has passed a law to protect gaushalas. Cows consume useless rubbish, polythene bags, plastic, etc. because of starvation. Many suffer from many diseases and eventually die. 8 lakh crores of cow breeds existed during Sri Krishna’s time. Now it has declined to 4 crores. This is due to the present conditions that the cows are exposed to.
• Gua Palana (cow caring), Gau Poshana (cow nutrition), Gau Rakshana (cow protection) are indices to world peace and gaushalas should be established so that gau mata can be protected by everyone on Mother Earth.
• We all need to be peacemakers and stand in unity for the Brahmi cows to grow, thrive and prosper.
• On 19th November 1947, the Chairman of cattle preservation, Sri Datar Singhji, recommended a complete ban should come into effect on ‘Gau Vadha (cow slaughter) in India for the protection of cows.
• Despite the best efforts put forward by Gandhiji and Sri Vinobha Bhave, only 85% of the people in the country are against Go Vadha (cow slaughter).
• The devotees who chant Sri Gayatri Mantra should come forward and feel it is your personal responsibility and protect at least the remaining Gau Matas for peace to prevail in this world. All the gods that are embedded in Sri Gayatri Mantra, are the gods embedded in Gau Mata. Gau Mata is not a regular animal like all other animals. Gau Mata herself is an incarnation of Goddess Sri Gayatri Devi.

Gau Puja (Cow Worship)

Procedures to reduce all planetary doshas, according to Vedas
1. Wherever you may be, offer bananas, amaranth leaves, and green grass to a cow every Sunday.
All planetary doshas will be removed and good fortunes will come your way. This noble action, though very small, will eliminate many of our day-to-day challenges without a doubt.
2. All Navagraha doshas will be reduced by offering food to gau mata every day.
3. According to the Vedic Shastras, the fruits yielded when one performs service of offering food to gau mata is the same as performing a Sri Gayatri homam. They experience prosperity and auspiciousness in abundance.
4. Those with Navagraha doshas usually experience no peace in the family and suffer from many mental afflictions. Offering grass to gau mata offers relief from these afflictions. Additionally, performing Rudra abhishekam and Rudra homam 11 times in the afflicted person’s name along with planetary japams, will yield rapid results.
5. If you are severely suffering from planetary doshas, birth star doshas, experiencing blockages in your career, finances etc. or experiencing mental unrest; by simply performing japam and offering grass to mother cow or a herd of cows, or to a well-known Swayambhu (self-born) temple, or to Ganga river, or to any theerthas, the benefits acquired by this penance are infinite. It is equivalent to performing penance in Vaikunta in front of Sri Vishnu. Such is the power of offering grass to a cow.


In Nepal, no one slaughters and eats cow meat. The festival of Diwali, also known as the festival of lights “Tihar” in Nepal lasts for 5 days from Ashvayuja Bahula Dwadashi to Karthika Shuddha Padyami. On the first day, they worship Gau Mata. In the villages, gau puja is performed in groups and in communities. They worship Gau Mata, with 3 crores of gods embedded within with great splendor, and immense devotion.

Second-day Bhairava Puja – ‘Dog Puja’ popularly known as “Kukur” Puja. On this one day of the year, Nepalis worship the Bhairavs by placing a flower garland around their necks and decorate theirforehead with holy vermillion. This is a tradition carried on since many yugas by gods and their ancestors. The tradition of carrying it forward and maintaining respect for the dog is proof of their devotion. Sweet delicacies are also distributed. Nepalis consider the dog to be the dwarapalaka (gatekeeper) in front of Yamadharmaraja’s house. This is a symbol of divinity. This is also a symbol of faith, virtue, and righteousness and that the entire life force, the moving and the fixed are able to experience the Parabrahman. Food and delicacies are offered to the Bhairavas.

On the third day of Diwali, Dhanteras is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Sri Lakshmi. Sri Lakshmi Narayana is worshiped on the fourth day ‘Naraka Chathurdashi’. Fifth day is the new moon when Sri Pashupati Nath and Sri Kedarnath are worshiped. The creator of the Universe, the true essence of Paramatma is worshipped. This day is also the festival of siblings. The younger or older sister applies tika (kumkum (holy vermillion powder) to the brother’s forehead and shares sweets and fruits with each other.

Gau Tulabharam (Weighing the Cow for Gau Dhana)

The cow is placed on one side of the balancing scale and balanced on the other side of the scale with rice, sugar, coconuts, jaggery, toor daal, peppercorn, etc. In some cases, silver coins, gold coins, and gems are also placed on the other side of the scale. A cow usually weighs between 350 kg to 400 kg. The ingredients matching the weight of the cow are then offered to the cow as gau dhanam. Many of the original domestic cows have become extinct, only 27 species are left that are currently being cared and protected for in India.

1. Vechur cows from Kerala
2. Punganur cows from Andhra Pradesh
3. Amrit Mahal cows from Karnataka

These are a rare breed of cows. Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam has undertaken this new project to collect and preserve these very rare cows.
Currently, we have – 3 Gaushalas:
1. Penushila Goshala – Sri Radhe Shyam Gokulam (20 cows)
2. Gonupalli Village near Penushila – Sri Radhe Rani Gokulam (160 cows)
3. Saligrama Temple, Bangalore – Sri Radhe Madhav Gokulam (60 cows)

The objective of the Sri Radhe Rani Gokulam Project is to:

• To establish and maintain gaushalas for preserving cows, calves, bovine animals which would prevent the slaughter of cows, calves and bovine cattle.
• To receive and maintain the bovine animals offered by the public
• Help local villagers improve their economic condition by creating an opportunity to have subsidiary income through dairy activity or agricultural operations.
• To conduct training camps and programs in rural areas to help the rural poor understand the ways and means of maintaining their bovine animals properly, protecting them from diseases and improving the milk yield cows and the performance of their draught animals.
• To conduct veterinary health camps in villages located far away from the livestock units to treat the bovine cattle suffering from diseases; and extend medical and surgical treatment to the sick animals, free of cost and to vaccinate the bovine cattle against common contagious diseases such as Foot and Mouth disease.
• To serve as an abode for the holy cattle received as donation (Gau Dhana) and to maintain them by providing good environment, management, feeding. etc., as a part Gau Raksha.
• The dung obtained from gaushala to be used as compost manure or bio-technical manure so that the organic food grains, fruits, vegetables, milk can be obtained.
• The cows and bulls live peacefully during the full duration of their lives.
• Produce materials from the ingredients of the cow – panchagavyas – 5 ingredients (milk, yogurt, ghee, cow’s urine, cow dung).
• Plans are to eventually operate naturopathy centers with aims to provide naturopathic and ayurvedic treatment for serious ailments such as arthritis and early cancer detection.

Names of treatment centers:
Sri Gavyamrut
2. Sri Navjeevan Amrut
3. Sri Nava Sanjeevini
4. Sri Gau Bharathi
5. Sri Kamadhenu

Gau Mata is a Savior to Human Life

In order to establish these naturopathy centers, 200 specialized divine cows, gaushalas, staff,
veterinarians, grass pastures and land for the gaushalas will need to be acquired. We have so much good to do. Selfless people like yourselves should come forward and help in this beautiful seva.

Come forward and connect yourself through this invaluable seva. Let’s save and protect the cow lineage and experience good health.

For cancer treatment, certain cow breeds must be purchased. Since these cows are very expensive,
protective fencing or walls needs to be built. Special sheds must be constructed and special caring and protection are required for these cows. A special nutritious diet, milk collection, and manufacture of ghee processes will also need to be established for the specialized treatments planned for the centers.

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