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Gokulam Project

What We Do

The Sri Radhe Rani Gokulam Project’s mission is to protect cows and spread the message of kindness. We believe that kindness to animals leads to kindness to humans and hence a peaceful world. We spread the message of importance of cow protection and educate people on the significance of cows in building a sustainable ecosystem for our future generations.


Sanskrit texts have many meanings for single words based on their pronunciation and context.  For example, the Sanskrit word ‘Gau’ can mean Earth, or the rays of the sun based on how it is used.  Gokulam[1] nominally refers to a shelter for a multitude of cattle, mainly cows.  Among the many types of cows, Brahmi cows have very special energetic properties along their spine which act as a mediator for transferring the seven colors and minerals from the sun’s rays and transmits them into our world, thereby charging our atmosphere with good energy.   From a very early age, India has revered cows as the Supreme Divine Mother Herself and also for five essential products used in every home as nutrition, medicine, and disinfectant.  The five products often referred to as PanchaGavya in Ayurveda are Milk, Curds (derived from milk), Ghee (derived from butter which is in turn derived from the cream of milk made into curds), Urine, and Dung.

Currently, there are a few cows in the Penusila Ashram.  The Sri Radhe Rani Gokulam project is aimed at expanding the current housing and providing supplies and care.

What is “ Govu Samrakshana”?

Govu Samrakshna means protecting the cows.  As mentioned earlier, the cow is considered a divine mother and a Goddess of Prosperity.  Brahmi cows are the best of the breed and are facing a rapid decline in population.  Although killing/slaughtering is banned, some parts of India still carry out the practice based on various beliefs and traditions.  Because of this, the population of original Brahmi cows is rapidly decreasing.

Why “Govu Samrakshana”?

Protecting Mother Cow (also called Gau Mata), is protecting nature and the world as a whole. The world will be much more peaceful only when atrocities against Gau Mata stops. Cow Protection is extremely important.  The purpose of this program which Amma has named as Sri Radhe Rani Gokulam Project, is to give a loving home to many abandoned and aged Brahmi cows. It is not only very important but also our duty to protect and increase the breed and save them from extinction as much as possible. The opportunity to save a cow is a rare and unique blessing.  Many Puranas explain that saving a cow is a great service that is possible only through many lifetimes of good karmas

It is Amma’s wish that all people irrespective of caste, creed, or religion unite together for this great cause of Govu Samrakshana.

The Gaushala and a new infrastructure

Amma’s Gaushala is a small area under the mango groves inside the Penusila ashram which currently shelters only 20 Brahmi cows.  An additional 120 cows are being sheltered in Gonupalli village nearby.  The cows that are being sheltered and nurtured here are very special.  A nearby region grows a special variety of grass, specifically for these cows which the ashram purchases on a monthly basis. This special fodder helps in maintaining the general health of the cows and also improves the milk yield. We plan on constructing another Gaushala in the vicinity to house more cows and to provide better infrastructure. More cows will be adopted from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

Sri Radhe Rani Gokulam will be the new infrastructure yet to be built to cater to the functional aspects of raising these special cows. Specifically, equipment with fully functional fans and water sprinklers to maintain the most comfortable temperature even during hot and humid weather has to be installed. Veterinary doctors need to be made available on the premises to ensure the wellness of all cows. A veterinarian costs Rs. 40,000 when they come every month. Salaries for the caretaker are Rs 20,000 per person per month. Currently, we have 12 workers, but with the growth of the cow family, we will have to employ more.

We invite you to adopt one or more cows. Your generous donation will help the Brahmi cows with nice shade and comfort. Your name and pictures will be posted on the project in our system that you have sponsored.  Sponsorship is available at many levels as shown below:

Importance of Gau Dhana – (Donating a Cow)

• In Hindu Sanatana Dharma, it is believed that our ancestors get salvation when we donate a cow.
• It is a great virtue to those who donate to the building of gaushalas (cow ranch/shed) when we do not have the capacity and power to raise a mother cow ourselves.
• The glory of Gau Dhana is indescribable. The sins of many lifetimes are eliminated. Any negative doshas left behind by our ancestors are destroyed.
• Stealing is in itself is a great sin and stealing gold is a greater sin and can cause serious dosha to those hands, and which is very difficult to remove. However, this sin can be eliminated by Gau Dhana.
• Disrespecting and ill-treating our parents, our gurus, and our well-wishers is also a great sin and is equivalent to disrespecting Sri Shankar Bhagavan himself. This dosha is eliminated by donating a cow.
• Donating a cow is a great virtue which is equal to donating food to lakhs of people every day

Sponsorship Levels
  • Poshaka — $751 (for 1 cow)
  • Raja Poshaka — $1,401 (for 2 cows)
  • Maharaja Poshaka — $2,401(for 3 cows)
  • Chakravarti Poshaka — $4,501(for 4 cows)
  • Maha Chakravarti Poshaka — $9,001 (for 5 cows)
  • Maha Samrat Poshaka — $25,001 (25 cows)

In addition to sourcing the cows, the funds will be used for the following:

  • A special variety of grass purchases for 150 cows – $15,000 for 1 year (dry grass, green grass, fodder, seeds). Supplemental food will be sourced during severe weather periods when the grass is scarce.
  • 3 weather-resistant sheds – $ 25,000 per shed. Need to build gaushala during the summer and monsoon seasons to protect our gaus from discomfort.
  • Gau rakshak (caretaker) – 12 (More staff required)
  • Need to start a gobar gas plant to derive fuel from the decay of organic matter

[1] Gokula is a small town in North India where Lord Krishna spent some time as a cowherd when he was a young lad (in actuality, folklore tells us that Lord Krishna played his flute while the cows tended themselves and would return to Him when He stopped playing).

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BigHearts is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. We help nonprofits from Afghanistanworld
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